Single Tooth Dental Implants Coventry

Are you missing a tooth that is compromising your smile or eating habits?

A Single Tooth Dental Implant can be the ultimate answer and procedure you need in order to look and feel right again. Dental Implants Coventry is a name you can trust. We offer high-quality dental implants that sort your single tooth problems out perfectly. A Dental Implant will replace the tooth root and an implant crown will then replace the missing tooth.

A single tooth implant works as a solution to patients that have lost a single tooth as a result of Trauma, gum disease, infection or a failed crown.
A dental implant is a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth.

What do single tooth implants involve?

An Implant is placed directly into your jawbone, where it provides an artificial replacement for the root of your missing tooth. It can support a crown in a similar way that roots support natural teeth.
A dental implant itself is a titanium screw, which is placed directly into your jawbone, replacing your missing tooth root. After it’s fitted, the bone surrounding your implant will gradually fuse to it, holding the implant firmly in place. A Crown is then fitted to the top of the implant, giving a natural look to your smile.
Dr Arshad Mahmood has a wealth of experience and is here to restore your confidence and bring back your smile. We understand that a missing tooth can extremely lower self-esteem and we are here to help.

Who Needs a Single Tooth Dental Implant in Coventry?

If You have lost a single tooth for any reason, then a single tooth implant will work for you and is a long term solution to replace a missing tooth.
We are based conveniently in the West Midlands, Coventry region.

Why You Need Single Tooth Dental Implant Coventry?

Single Tooth Dental Implant has many advantages going for it when compared with other forms of tooth replacement. If you want that feel of a natural tooth, Dental Implant will always be the best option. When thinking about a dental implant consider:

  • Perfect stability and balance of implanted tooth
  • No health sacrifice of any neighboring teeth
  • Replacement of the tooth root
  • Integration with the jawbone
  • Long-lasting tooth implants
  • Attractive smile and full on confidence

Dental Implants Coventry is your go-to place to get those perfect looking dental implants.

Single Tooth Dental Implant Is Better Than Bridge

Single Tooth Dental Implant is the best procedure when you are looking to get that natural feel. A tooth-supported fixed bridge also offers a similar solution but lacks the intricate details and fine finish. Your adjacent teeth will be required to be cut in order to support a cemented bridge.
The bone under a bridge begins to resorb or deteriorate that particular tooth. Gums tend to recede around a bridge as well that leaves a visible flaw as the color of the bridge or the metal base exposes itself. This defect may show when you smile effecting your confidence. Developing decay can occur under a bridge and this can affect the teeth that anchor the bridge.
Dental Implants Coventry is your perfect solution provider to a single tooth Implant in the region.

The Benefits of Single Tooth Implants

Provide a strong and stable foundation for your replacement tooth which look, feel and function just like the real teeth. Implants replace missing teeth while preserving the condition of healthy adjacent teeth. You will be able to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

⦁ Dental Implants look like natural teeth
⦁ They behave in the exact same way as natural teeth
⦁ They support your facial structure and improve facial aesthetics

Things You Should Know About Our Dental Implants

At Dental Implants Coventry, our process may get separated into two steps. In the first step, the implant that resembles a screw is placed into your jaw at the site of the removed or missing tooth. For the next few weeks or months, this new implant and the bone are left to bond and form an anchor for the new artificial tooth to be placed. A temporary tooth replacement is an available option.
To uncover the implant once it is fully integrated, a second small procedure might be required. Completing the foundation. Your mouth needs to heal for a week or two after this procedure. Dental Implants Coventry also has One-Stage implant systems that do not require this second step. Our Dental surgeon will decide which one suits you best.
The final crown will be made for you, this procedure will involve your say on appearance and shade and once happy with this decision the Implant crown will then be attached to the implant.

Implant Treatment duration

⦁ Single tooth dental implant treatment durations differ patient to patient.
⦁ In simple cases (where the ⦁ CBCT scan shows good bone quality and quantity), there are 3 or 4 appointments over a 3-4 month period.
⦁ If a bone regeneration is needed, a 2-4 month healing period is usually required before the implant is placed.  However, it may be possible to place the dental implant at the extraction time …

Same day tooth / immediately loaded implants

In some circumstances, when there is good bone quantity, it is possible to extract a tooth and place an implant in the same appointment.  This is called a same day or immediately loaded dental implant.

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