Multiple Tooth Implants Coventry

Are you suffering from multiple teeth problems and aren’t proud of your smile because of that?

Do you need your beautiful smile back and want to get Perfect results with Dental Implants in Coventry & Warwickshire UK?

Dental Implants Coventry provide the perfect Multiple Tooth Implants solution for you in Coventry & Warwickshire. We have a qualified and experienced Dental Implants expert who can make your teeth beautiful again. A Perfect natural look and feel is provided with our Tooth Implant procedures that are available for any number of teeth that you might need.

The importance of replacing missing back teeth (your molar teeth) cannot be over-emphasised as these are the large multi-rooted teeth that are designed to do the main work of chewing your food. They are your grinding and crunching teeth.

When molar teeth have been lost all of this chewing workload gets transferred to the single-rooted teeth at the front of your mouth. These front teeth are simply not designed to grind and crunch food in the way your molar teeth are and these excess stresses on your front teeth will inevitably cause damage in the long-term.

When more than one tooth is missing in your mouth it can affect you in a variety of ways. The effects of missing teeth include loss of function, compromised aesthetics and ongoing bone loss.

If you are missing a number of adjacent teeth, they may either be replaced with individual implants (one for each missing tooth), or by joining two or more implants together using a bridge. This latter option can make implant treatment more affordable when patients are missing many teeth.
Traditional bridge treatments require your dentist to file down the neighbouring healthy teeth, in order to attach the bridge in place. Dental implant technology alleviates the need to damage these healthy teeth, instead anchoring your bridge to implants, bonded with your jaw.

Who Needs Multiple Tooth Implants?

Anyone who is missing multiple teeth. Primarily, people missing more than one tooth or having to go through multiple teeth removal will need Multiple Tooth Implants. If you need your beautiful smile back and want to get multiple tooth implants then book your appointment by our certified dental implants expert in Coventry & Warwickshire UK.

Why You Need Multiple Tooth Implants?

Tooth Implants have been proven to be much better than any other form of tooth replacements. It is important to replace multiple missing teeth to help with the loss of function when eating and chewing, aesthetic reasons and to stop bone loss.
Dental Implants Coventry provide high-quality Multiple Tooth Implant service in Coventry & Warwickshire region. Our procedures offer:

  • Multiple Tooth Implants available for adjacent or separately lost teeth in your jaw
  • Natural look and feel to Implants bringing the confidence back in your smile
  • No health sacrifice for any other teeth
  • Firm and stable tooth implants improving the function and look of your jaw
  • Tooth root replacement providing excellent bone preservation
  • Supporting implant integrated with the bone providing great bone health
  • Long-lasting tooth implants with easy clean functionality as well
  • Bring your confidence back with great aesthetic appearance and function.

Dental Implants Coventry provides the highest quality dental services in the region. We are located in Warwickshire & Coventry, West Midlands. Call to book your appointment today.

How Dental Implants Coventry Work?

Dental Implants Coventry is a professional dental service provider in Coventry & Warwickshire UK. Our Multiple Teeth Implants are divided into separate stages. Treatment durations differ from each patient.

  • Where a CT scan shows sufficient bone quantity an appointment is made to place the implants which are then left to heal and integrate for a 6-8 weeks.
  • Where a CT scan shows that there is not sufficient bone an appointment is needed for a bone graft which will then be left for around a 2-3 month healing period before the implant/s are place.

Once the implants are fully integrated and implants crowns or bridge is fitted you will be able to use your new teeth for chewing, eating and speaking naturally.

Implant Denture

The number of implants needed is determined by the volume of bone at the location where an implant is to be placed.

In the upper jaw, bone volume is generally poorer, so more dental implants than the lower arch are usually required.  In the lower jaw, there is usually good bone density, so fewer implants than the upper arch are needed.

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