Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants

Are you suffering from severe tooth problems in your jaw?
Are you missing many teeth in your jaw and are having trouble eating or drinking your favorite foods?
Dental Implants Coventry offers Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants procedure that fixes all teeth problems in your mouth for good. Why settle with all that pain in your mouth when you can relieve it all with our perfect dental implants? We provide both upper and lower jaw replacements with removable and fixed Dental Implants in Coventry. Get life changing sustained Dental Implants with our Full Mouth Rehabilitation procedure in the region. We have qualified dentists who perform this advanced procedure on you making you emerge as a renewed person.

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants Procedure?

If you are suffering from multiple teeth damage with age or bad eating and drinking habits, a Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants procedure is in order. Dental Implants Coventry replaces all your existing teeth in both arches with our specifically developed implants. Both the upper and lower arches containing your jaw and teeth are removed first clinically. Implants are fitted in both your jaws that are then allowed to heal naturally.
Once healed, long-lasting perfectly developed teeth are then fitted on top of these implants in a supported bridge that don’t go anywhere for a lifetime. You will be able to smile again with confidence and enjoy food of your choice for as long as you need. Our Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants procedure replaces both your upper and lower jaws with new strong ones. No eight or more implants are required. We fit tested and proven perfect four to six implants that hold to the test of time perfectly.

All on Four Implants Solution

Four solid titanium implants are all we need to fit your upper or lower jaw arch. This procedure involves removing of all your damaged teeth in any one side of the jaw, which then has four implants fitted into it clinically. These four implants will then hold your new set of teeth in place perfectly. Natural healing time is provided before the new teeth are placed. Once in place and correct precautions are taken, you will feel your new teeth natural and perfect in all dimensions. Smile with confidence and eat what you want with our All on Four Implants solution in Coventry.

Removable Full Mouth Teeth Implants

Dental Implants Coventry offers an advanced Removable Teeth Implants procedure that fits full mouth teeth that can be removed and replaced if and when needed. Two or more (ideally four) implants are used to secure removable prosthetic with mechanical anchors. These retain the prosthetic securely with no movement at all. This way, the whole denture can be removed for replacements and cleaning at any time you need. We can also place a bar for supporting the denture instead of these anchors if you wish. Added retention is available with this bar treatment that can also be easily removed for cleaning.

Fixed Bridge Supported Full Mouth Teeth Implants

Four or more permanent implants are used to support a dental implant bridge for a fixed prosthetic. This provided a fixed full mouth teeth replacement where both arches are permanently fixed and are perfectly stable. Your gum also remains free with this fixed solution as the prosthesis is fixed to the dental implants securely in a rigid way. Full taste sensation is maintained with full teeth functionality and no restrictions at all. Our specialized dentists at Dental Implants Coventry will only be able to remove this type of fixed full mouth teeth replacements on a bridge.

Get New Teeth the Same Day

Our Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants procedure in Coventry provides you great new teeth the same day. Dental Implants Coventry is a professional dentist offering:

  • Same day Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants procedure
  • Only four implants per arch in your mouth and not six or eight
  • Quick full mouth restoration with immediate function
  • Fully functioning set of teeth with no restrictions at all
  • Very few appointments and very less maintenance required
  • No bone grafting and no lasting pain in your mouth
  • Immediate appointment fixing your teeth and mouth quickly
  • Ability to smile with confidence and to enjoy food of your choice.

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