All On Four Implants In A Day Coventry

Do you need to replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw or All on 4 Dental Implants Coventry in Coventry UK?

Are you worried that you could not use a temporary denture whilst waiting for implant results?

Are conventional Dentures causing you problems?

Then All on Four Implants in a Day procedure is best for you. This faster, more cost-efficient solution replaces the whole upper or lower teeth with a four implant structure that holds an Implant bridge in place. Where a full arch restoration in the past required no less than six or eight implants and also involved wearing a temporary denture whilst healing, our modern All on 4 Implants in a Day is much quicker with its four powerful implants and fixed bridge in Coventry & Warwickshire UK.

Who Needs All on Four Dental Implants in a Day in Coventry?

Anyone with dental problems affecting all of their remaining teeth in the upper or lower jaw that will result in the loss of all of these teeth will benefit from all on four implant technique.
Anyone with conventional dentures that are having trouble with the stability or function will benefit from All on Four Implants in a Day procedure.
Dental Implants Coventry is the specialist Dentist in the region that you need to get the best All on 4 Implants in a Day procedure.

Why You Need All on Four Implants in a Day?

  • Restore confidence
  • No need for temporary dentures during treatment
  • Loss of bone loss from existing dentures can lead to changes in facial features and premature aging
  • Securely hold fixed bridge to help with eating, talking and smiling
  • Prevents bone loss

Dental Implants Coventry specialize in high-quality All on Four Implants in a Day procedure. Our certified and qualified dentist performs the procedure with full confidence bringing your perfect smile back allowing you to eat and enjoy anything you want.

How All on Four Implants in a Day Procedure Works?

Dental Implants Coventry are a professional dental surgery in the region. We have a highly qualified dentist who specializes in All on Four Implants in a Day procedure. Four implants are placed into your jaw and a temporary bridge is made and fitted on the same day. Your temporary bridge will be fixed but a soft diet will be needed for around 6- 8 weeks. This temporary bridge is then used for approximately 3 months before a new permanent bridge is then made. This bridge will be strong and capable of eating and chewing as normal. No more covering your smile, no more compromising on food choices.

All On 4 Implants In A Day

All on four treatment is when we take out the current teeth and build around them with the addition of four-six new implant teeth. We have other implant options that we tailor specifically to your personal needs; however, all on 4 implants are our most common method of treatment in Coventry & Warwickshire UK.

It is a technique we use in which the implants can be fitted in one appointment. Past methods would be a much longer treatment plan over several months. All on 4 Dental Implants is a quicker method that is also virtually painless and stress-free and you can ensure our friendly and experienced team in our surgery will guide you through the entire process.

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