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Your tooth is missing and so are you!

A missing tooth lowers down your self-esteem, bash your smile confidence, and most importantly affect your appearance. Do you have a missing tooth and you are missing him too? Those sore gums and gaps are compelling you to have a safe, long term and dependable replacement for the missing teeth. You must be probing for the most practical and harmless solution to your missing teeth, then look no further than best implants Coventry.  Dental implants are the most reliable, safe, and effective key to your baren gums. These implants when fused in with your jaws become a part of your life and you feel beautiful, happy, and confident again. Without compromising on your smile, health and confidence go for the most practical solution at Dental Implants Coventry & Warwickshire UK. A small professional dental help can revive your missing smile and change your lifestyle in no time.

Why go for the best Dental implants Coventry?

  • These are well-fixed, practical, and long-term solutions to your gaped jaws.
  • Without affecting the natural bone structure, they just fit in perfectly for years and stay unnoticeable.
  • Surprisingly, they just give an instant uplift and support to your existing tooth.
  • These dentures work fine if you have multiple missing teeth, it is safe to use Multiple Tooth Implants Coventry.
  • Being a pillar to your jawbone they protect the entire gum and bone underneath.
  • For old age, best implants Coventry elevate the muscles and slow down the shrinking and aging process.
  • After your missing teeth are recovered by dental implants you can smile with much confidence and liveliness.
  • Any number of teeth at any age can be treated at Dental Implants Coventry & Warwickshire UK.
  • Dental implants hold the rest of the teeth firmly thus providing support so that they don’t move.
  • Those nasty cavities with food leftovers get filled in by implants and hence there are no more germs.
  • You get rid of the gum diseases and risk of getting any imminent gum surgery in the future.
  • They do not mess with your looks rather become a part of your lifestyle giving others major smile goals.

Who can have dental implants?

  • Any age of people with missed or broken teeth.
  • Persons who lost their teeth in an accident.
  • Patients with good health conditions want to replace their rotten teeth with new ones.
  • For people who need a crown for their affected teeth protection, dental dentures can fix their problems.
  • Diabetic patients and smokers developing gum diseases and lose their teeth roots.
  • Sportsmen who lost any number of teeth due to injury during the game.
  • Any number of missing teeth can be filled in with the best dental implants Coventry.

What We Offer?

  • Single Tooth Dental Implants
  • Multiple Tooth Implants
  • Implant supported dentures
  • All on Four Implants in a Day

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Dental Implants Take to Settle?

On average, dental implants take around six-eight months to fully settle. The process includes full healing of the gums and perfect settlement into the jawbone. This would enable you to fully resume your everyday eating and other habits.

What Are the Most Common Problems of Dental Implants?

There are different kinds of problems associated with dental implants. These include:

  • Loosening of the Implant – During the healing process, the implant can become lose and start to wiggle around inside the mouth. Further treatment will be needed to fix.
  • Bone Loss – When you start earing normally, if your jawbone isn’t able to handle the force applied on it through the implant, bone loss can occur. Though, it is very rare.
  • Infection – During the surgery, the process can cause infection right after the implant procedure or some weeks after it. This can be handled with anti-biotics.
  • Excess Space – In case of the implant not being 100% accurate in size, shape and placement, excess space can occur. Dental Implants Coventry ensures none of these problems occur.

Are Dental Implants Removable?

Patients cannot remove dental implants at any time. In case of any problems or rework required, your dentist will remove them and provide whatever procedure is required on it.

Does the Dental Implant Procedure Have Any Complications I Should Know About?

With Dental Implants Coventry, we have a success rate of over 98%. However, the few complications may include infections, tissue damage or infections. We take complete responsibility in any case and provide the best solutions available.

How Many Teeth Can Be Replaced with Dental Implants?

There is no limitation to dental implants when it comes to the number of teeth that can be replaced. Patients can get one tooth replace, couple of them or the entire set of teeth in their jaw. Every case varies from patient to patient. Dental Implants Coventry provides best advice.

Will I Suffer Any Pains During or After the Dental Implants Surgery?

For most patients, the procedure is very easy to manage. During the procedure, certain drugs are used to ensure painless competition. Also, any after procedure minor pains can be relieved with anti-inflammatory over the counter medication. Ibuprofen usually is the only relief needed.

Is It Very Expensive to Get Dental Implants?

Implants do cost more than other dental replacements including dentures and bridges. However, they last a lot longer and, in most cases, last the entire lifetime. So, in all fairness, implants will cost the least when it comes to full patient treatment.

How Do I Know If I Need Dental Implants?

A complete oral exam and X-rays of the mouth are required to determine which treatment suits you best. The best starting point is to see if your tooth or teeth are getting really damaged and you have pains in them. Contact professionals like Dental Implants Coventry for best advice.

How Long After the Dental Implants Surgery Will I Be Able to Eat Regularly?

Complete recovery and healing takes around six-eight months. So, this would be the time window you need to get back to regular eating habits.

Are Dental Implants Better Than Bridges or Crowns?

This depends on the condition of your teeth. However, the one thing to know is that implants are very much lifetime lasting and will cure your teeth problems for ever. Also, every tooth problem doesn’t need implants. Contact professionals to get full detained diagnosis.

Does Your Clinic Provide Dental Implant Maintenance If Required?

With dental implants, there is no care needed after the healing period is completed. Dental Implants Coventry does provide scheduled checkups to assure the healing process. We also provide optional fixes in case anything goes wrong.

What People Say

Testimonials from our patients

I had messed up 3 of my teeth as my food selection has not been great over the years. Dental Implants Coventry placed just the perfect implants in place of them that made me feel good as new. I am now able to enjoy any food and smile fully in presence of my friends. The procedure is a bit extensive taking some weeks to finish. But it is all worth it and I fully recommend it for anyone going through severe teeth problems.

Darren Lakers

Darren Lakers

I looked up Dental Implants Coventry on the internet. My wife had a tooth that had fallen out ages ago and was becoming a serious problem for her. We visited this clinic and opted for their Single Tooth Implant procedure. We are happy to report that the procedure was on point and perfect. My wife didn’t feel a thing during the procedure and very little pain after it for a week or so. Now, she is able to enjoy any kind of food and isn’t ashamed to smile with an open mouth as well.

Michael Yates

Michael Yates

I had a missing couple of teeth for as long as I could remember. My friend recommended Dental Implants Coventry to me and I decided to go for their Two Tooth Implant Procedure. I was honestly surprised with the attention to detail their procedure had. Everything was so professional with such expert dental surgeons doing the procedure. I can now feel my teeth as part of my natural jaw again. Perfect service with great standards. I highly recommend these guys.

Dianne Mitchel

Dianne Mitchel

Darren LakersMichael YatesDianne Mitchel
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